Junior Program

DIRECTOR: GARY SWARTZ (406) 542-1978

The Hellgate Civilian Shooters Association (HCSA) JUNIOR RIFLE PROGRAM has been in existence since 1958. The program has been dedicated to teaching young men and women, (under the age of 18), basic and advanced rifle marksmanship. Our program starts in October and ends in March. It is and has been geared toward the three and four position small bore rifle competitive agenda. We start young shooters as early as nine (9) years of age. From it's early beginnings the HCSA JUNIOR SHOOTING PROGRAM has produced several state, regional and national champions.

Our current program is under the direction of: GARY SWARTZ with JASON HERNDON and TRACE WIESENBURGER assisting.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!
L to R Abbey, Alexandria, Sarah, Ibby

Junior Olympic Rifle Championship Qualifiers
L to R Abbey, Alexandria, Kyle, Sam, Justin, Ibby, Sarah