2019 Calendar of Events

 Deep Creek Range
Mar 23-24*1000 Yd. Bench Rest   
Mar 30-311000 Yd. Bench Rest July 6 Rifle Silhouette
April 6Cowboy Action Shooting July 7 Rifle Schuetzen 
April 6Rifle Silhouette July 13-14*1000 Yd. Bench Rest 
April 7Rifle Schuetzen July 20Black Powder Cart Silo
April 13-14*1000 Yd. Bench Rest July 21Black Powder Cart Long Rng
April 20-21Black Powder Cart Silo July 26 (AM)*1000 YD Cooper Arms
April 27 Work Day July 26 (PM) Cooper Arms Wilson Range
May 4Rifle Silhouette July 27Cooper Arms Wilson Range
May 4Cowboy Action Shooting Aug 3Cowboy Action Shooting 
May 5Rifle Schuetzen Aug 3Rifle Silhouette 
May 11-12*1000 Yd. Bench Rest Aug 4Rifle Schuetzen 
May 18-19  Black Powder Cart Silo Aug 9-11*1000 Yd. Bench Rest 
May 25-27*High Power Rifle Aug 17-18Black Powder Cart Silo 
May 31-Jun 2Rifle Silhouette Aug 24-25Black Powder Cart Long Rng
June 1 Cowboy Action ShootingSept 1Rifle Schuetzen 
June 2Rifle SchuetzenSept 6-8Rifle Silhouette 
June 9-10*1000 Yd. Bench Rest Sept 7-8Cowboy Action Shooting
June 15Black Powder Cart SiloSept 13-15*High Power Rifle
June 16*Black Powder Cart Long RngSep 19-22Black Powder Cart Silo 
June 21-23High Power Rifle Sep 27-29*High Power Rifle 
July 6Cowboy Action Shooting Oct 5 Cowboy Action Shooting 

* Denotes long range is in use.  All other "Member Only" ranges are closed.

Members may always use the Day-Use range when the "Members Only" ranges are closed. 

West Riverside Range  

Jan 12Indoor SB Rifle 
Feb 9-10Sr. Sectional 
Feb 23State Indoor Pistol
Mar 16Sectional Pistol
May 12Muzzle Loading Public Day
May 18Work Day 
May 24-25Paul Crawford Memorial 2700 Pistol 
Jun 8     SB Rifle Outdoor Prone
July 28State Outdoor Pistol
Aug 17-18State Open SB Rifle Championship