Hellgate Civilian Shooters Association 2023 Yearly Newsletter

Annual Meeting: Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 1:00 PM At the Fish Wildlife and Parks facility, 3201 Spurgin Rd.  
All members are encouraged to attend. Officers will be elected.

The Hellgate Civilian Shooters Association (HCSA) operates two range facilities.  One in Deep Creek and one in West Riverside.
HCSA members and their spouse and children under 18 years of age may use our facilities all seven days a week when accompanied by the card-carrying member.
All members must sign in at the sign in shed.  Remember that the main gate is locked on Tuesdays, Wednesdayse and Thursdays.  Please relock the gate after entry and exit. 
Please be prepared to present your membership card and photo I.D. on both ranges, and please do not be offended by this request as it is being done for your benefit.
The facility at Deep Creek incorporates several "Members Only Ranges" and a non-member "Day-Use, Public Range", which members may also use Fridays thru Mondays.
The Day-Use, Public Range at Deep Creek is open from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM or dusk, including holidaysIt is closed to everyone, including members, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
This public range has twenty-four covered firing points with concrete benches.  Target holders are at (25) twenty-five to (200) two hundred yards.  The fee for the public to use this range is $5.00 per day per person.  Bring your own paper targets and stapler or thumb tacks. The caretaker does not make change.
"Members Only Ranges" are open seven days a week and are for members only!  Guests are not allowed on our "Members Only Ranges" unless they are in possession of a Guest Pass.  Guest passes are available for guests who live 100 miles or more from our range.  They must be accompanied by a card carrying member.  Please request these passes in advance.  Guest passes are limited to two adults per day.  The name of the person/persons and the date of usage will be written on the stamped pass.  Contact the club secretary at 543-3075 to have a pass promptly mailed to you.  For Deep Creek, the caretaker is available to issue these passes.  Non-members, without a guest pass, wishing to use a range must be directed tot he day-use, public range.  Members may always use the day-use range when the membership ranges are in use.  
The High Power Silhouette Range at Deep Creek  has plywood frames at 200,300, 385 and 500 meters; and at 300,400,500 and 600 yards.  These target frames are located on the right hand side by the range road.  They are to be used for paper targets only.  All shooting must be done on the plywood at the above distances.  The plywood must not be moved away from their backstops.  No vehicles are to leave the road.  The only exception will be for the competitive shooters to set and retrieve their steel targets.  This is the only exception!
Reference: The 1000 yard Rifle Range is available to members only from January 1 to August 31 on Monday and Friday mornings from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 am.  Shooting must start by 8:00 a.m.  Authorization must be obtained from our range caretaker before any live fire takes place on this range. (He has a special handout for new shooters.) Get it at least (1) day before using this range.  There are no exceptions!
Note: On 1000 yard Match week-ends, the range will be in use for set up all day Friday before those week-end matches, and by the Black Powder Cart. Long Range shooters on Friday August 26.  On the Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette (BPCS) weekends, the Long-Range shooters will use the 800,900 and 1000-yard ranges on the Friday preceding (BCPS) match until 12:00 noon.  Members are welcome to shoot with them.

The 500 Meter Range

The 500 meter range will also be open on the second Sunday of each month after 3:00 p.m. or upon the completion of the 1000 Yard Bench Rest competitions until closing time.
The 500 meter range will also be open after each scheduled High Power competition on Sunday after 5:00 p.m. until closing time.
Note: No targets other than paper targets pinned to the target frames which are located on the right hand side of this range next to the road are authorized.
No uncased firearm may be brough to the firing line or removed from the firing line when people are downrange.  Firearms on our ranges may not be touched or otherwise handled when people are down range.  Actions will be open and empty at all times when not shooting.  Muzzles will always be pointed down range.  Stand behind the shooting bench or the yellow safety line when people are down range.
Fully automatic firearms and .50 cal. BMG's are not allowed at the west riverside range.  They will only be allowed at the Members Ranges at the Deep Creek facility, and then only with prior approval from the range caretaker.  This will be strictly enforced.  Violators will surrendertheir membership immediately.
Shotguns are authorized on the Shotgun Range at Deep Creek only. Not at the West Riverside Range.  Members may use the shotgun range at deep creek seven days a week.
The Small Bore Silhouette Range at Deep Creek is restricted to the use of .22 cal. rim fire ammunition only. 
Note: Bump Guns and Echo Triggers and Binary Triggers are not allowed on our ranges.  Tannerite or other explosives are strictly forbidden on all of our ranges.
Again, we value your membership.  We hope you value your membership too.  Please use common sense and follow all posted rules.  Think about safety before and while handling any firearm.

For your convenience, you may renew your membership and the Deep Creek facility Friday through Mondays or by mail only with the Secretary/Treasurer, Roger Hinther, 3840 Spurgin Rd.,Missoula, MT, 59804. No calls before 8:00 am or after 9:30 pm please.(406) 543-3075

Yearly Membership $45.00  

Deep Creek
17770 Deep Creek Road 
Listed below are the ranges used by each competition.
Members may yse the Day Use Range when the member ranges are closed.
Cowboy Action Shooters do not interfere with any other Member Only Range. 
Shuetzen Shooters utilize the 200 yard Wilson Range.
Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette Shooters utilize the 500 meter range.
Rifle Silhouette Shooters utilize the .22 caliber silhouette range on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.  The 500 meter range will be in use on Saturday afternoons and Sunday Mornings until 12:00 noon. 
EXCEPTION June 3-5 and Sept 3-4.  On these days the Rifle Silhouette shooters use the 500 Meter Range all 3 days.
Upon completion of the 1000 yard bench rest competitions on Sundays, the members ranges will be open. 
Note: Directors of Black powder Cartridge Silhouette, Black powderCartridge Long Range, Silhouette, High-Power Rifle and 1000 yard Bench Rest disciplines set up their ranges and conduct live fire from 12:00 noon until dusk on the Fridays preceding their weekend matches, plus the Thursdays preceding a three day match.  Their respoective ranges will be closed for any other usage on those Friday afternoons.  The Cowboy Action Shooters require the entire day on Fridays to set upbefore their matches.  Subsequently 1000 yard practice is not available on those 1st weekend Fridays.
Deep Creek Caretaker: Dan Kurzenbaum 
2023 Deep Creek Range Scheduled Events Calendar
Mar 4Rifle Silhouette June 24-25* High Power Rifle
Mar 25-26*1000 Yd. Bench Rest July 1Cowboy Action Shooting
April 1Cowboy Action Shooting July 1Rifle Silhouette
April 1Rifle Silhouette July 2Rifle Schuetzen 
April 2Rifle Schuetzen July 8-9*1000 Yd. Bench Rest 
April 8-9*1000 Yd. Bench Rest July 15Black Powder Cart Silo
April 15-16Black Powder Cart Silo July 16*Black Powder Cart Long Rng
April 22Work Day (Deep Creek)Aug 5Rifle Silhouette 
May 6Rifle SilhouetteAug 5Cowboy Action Shooting 
May 6Cowboy Action Shooting Aug 6Rifle Schuetzen 
May 7 Rifle SchuetzenAug 11-13*1000 Yd. Bench Rest 
May 13-14*1000 Yd. Bench Rest Aug 19-20Black Powder Cart Silo 
May 20-21 Black Powder Cart Silo Aug 26-27*Black Powder Cart Long Rng
May 27-29*High Power RifleSept 1-3Rifle Silhouette 
June 2-4Rifle Silhouette Sept 2-3Cowboy Action Shooting
June 3Cowboy Action ShootingSept 3Rifle Schuetzen 
June 4Rifle SchuetzenSept 8-10*High Power Rifle
June 10-11*1000 Yd. Bench Rest Sept 14-17Black Powder Cart Silo
June 17Black Powder Cart SiloOct 7Cowby Action Shooting
June 18*Black Powder Cart Long Rng  

* Denotes long range is in use.  All other "Member Only" ranges are closed.

Members may always use the Day-Use range when the "Members Only" ranges are closed. 



West Riverside Range
7350 Zaugg Dr. 
The facility in West Riverside is a "Members Only Range" with covered firing points and target stands at 25, 50 and 100 yards.  Open daily from 9:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. or Dusk.  It also incorporates an indoor range for competition shooters for their scheduled events.
Remember to lock the entry gate after entry and exit.
Note: Ground placed targets must be shot on bays #1 and #2 only.  See Rule #6.  Failure to follow this rule or any range rule can result in loss of membership privileges.
2021 West Riverside Scheduled Events Calendar 
The indoor range is not a plinking range.  It is for competition only.  .22 standard velocity ammo only. 
Jan 21 Indoor SB Rifle
Mar 18-19 Senior Sectional
Apr 8 State Indoor Pistol
April 22-23 State Indoor SB Rifle
May 20 Work Day
May 27 Paul Crawford Memorial 2700 Pistol
June 17 SB Rifle Outdoor Prone
August 19-20  State Open SB Rifle Championship

Muzzle Loaders:   2nd Sundays of each month.  Please call ahead.  (Fred Beyer 258-6526)
Schuetzen Shooting:  3rd Sundays of each month 9:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m.  (Walt Briggs 728-9155)

Ground placed targets at West Riverside must be shot on bays #1 and #2 only.  See Rule #6.  Failure to follow this rule or any range rule can result in loss of membership privleges.  The concrete foundation on the 25 yard line is for connecting and turning target frames and no targets shall be placed so that any bullts impact this foundation, its hardware, or the underground sprinkling system.


State Law: The shooting of breakable targets, glass, cinder blocks, clay pigeons, bowling pins or other objects that cause a mess and left behind on this range is "littering" under state law.

Please be advised that we have a bear problem at this range.  Do not put your food garbage in the trash barrels.




Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette  John King 755-5352 
Black Powder Cartridge Long Range Dave Eichenlaub 363-4250 
Bullseye Pistol James Poelstra 646-6154 
Cowboy Action Shooting Eric Reiber 370-1777 
High Power Rifle Jamey Williams 868-4181 
1000 Yard Bench Rest Lonnie Anderson 491-1824 
Muzzle Loading Fred Beyer 258-6526 
Schuetzen Walt Briggs 728-9155 
Small-bore Rifle Gary Schwartz 542-1978 
Junior Program Gary Schwartz542-1978 
Silhouette Rifle Terry Kien543-7412 
   Mike Cassidy 240-5591


For questions about any particular discipline, please call the director in charge.

For your convenience, you may renew your membership and the Deep Creek facility Friday through Mondays or by mail only with the Secretary/Treasurer, Roger Hinther, 3840 Spurgin Rd.,Missoula, MT, 59804. (406) 543-3075

Yearly Membership $45.00 

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